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Cory’s Corner: See What the Regatta Chair has to Say!

Still having a hard time deciding whether or not to sail the 2016 Samson Lightning North American Championships? Well take a minute and see what Cory Sertl, Regatta Chair and Lighting sailor extraordinaire, has to say about the event! She’s excited, and you should be too!!


How is RYC maintaining their commitment to running great regattas with this year’s Lightning NAs?

“The club is set up well to run regattas both ashore and on the water. RYC loves having regattas! Hank Stuart our Principal Race Officer has assembled an awesome team to provide top notch race committee for the event.  It is always a pleasure to race on Hank’s race course—he keeps you informed and entertained on the radio!”

What are some of the reasons to attend the event?

“First of all the sailing is typically great mid-August. The race course is a quick sail out the Genesee River into the clean fresh waters of Lake Ontario.  You don’t get much boat traffic/motor boat wakes like you can in other venues. 

Rochester Yacht Club LogoOn shore the club is very welcoming with a great deck off the Burgee Bar to relax, a pool/snackbar, and dining options.  The whole family is welcome to enjoy the facility–guests cards will be ready for you when you arrive.

We will have free beer after racing each day and scheduled debriefs from race winners and class notables. “

Is there something that you’re most excited for about the NAs?

“Getting so many of our members excited about Lightning sailing. Fleet #52 is re-activated! We are excited about the variety of ages we have excited about Lightning sailing as well.” 

What is your goal for the event as a whole as Regatta Chair?

“A fun relaxed atmosphere with good sailing conditions, fun racing and good comraderie of sailors after sailing.”

What would you say to someone who is still deciding whether or not to come to the NAs?

” Once you get here we will take great care of you.  There are many hotel options, staying on a boat in the basin, motorhomes at Shumway Marine next door and members who have offered beds in their homes.”

So now you have it, folks! We’re expecting a fun and enjoyable North American Championships this year, all we need it you! Thank you, Cory for giving us the inside scoop.

Register online and get ready for some great sailing at RYC August 10th-19th!


Still looking for crew? Wanting to crew and don’t have a boat? Sign up at the logistics board!

For more information, please visit the regatta websites.





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