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WJM Report

Racing wrapped up Sunday at the Rochester Yacht Club for the Women’s, Junior, and Master Lightning North American Championships at the Rochester Yacht Club. The Masters fleet ended the series with 4 total races, while both the Women’s and the Juniors finshed theirs with 5. Two races were sailed on Friday for each championship in medium to heavy wind before storms rolled into the area for the afternoon. Saturday not a single race was ran despite the race committee’s best efforts due to a combination of unsettled breeze and more thunderstorms. On Sunday, however, the weather cooperated to allow for races 3, 4, and 5 for the Women and the Juniors, and races 3 and 4 for the masters.

Debbie Probst sailed an impressive regatta with Monica Jones and Mikayla Ward, winning the Women’s Championship by 7 points. Probst won four of the five races sailed, only letting once race slip by her thanks to a keelhauled spinnaker sheet. The Women’s Championship also had the event’s youngest skipper, Sabrina Starck (10), and the event’s youngest competitor, Jamie Starck (8).

The Junior fleet was won decisively by Doug Wake and crew Noah Bartlet and Meredith Ryan who took first place in all five races. He was followed by Ben Folds, Joe Tomzcak and Jake Folds from the Buffalo Canoe Club with 14 points and Robbie Robinson, Gunnar Grenauer and Maggie MacDonald, also from the Buffalo Canoe Club, with 16 points overall. In the Masters division, local sailor Mark Sertl and his wife Cory and daughter Katja took first place finishing the event with two firsts and two seconds. Marvin Beckmann, Steve Harris and Monica Morgan finished second and David Peck with his wife Nina and son Dave finished third just one point behind Beckmann. The fifth place Masters finisher, Tom Allen also sailed with two family members, his mother Anne and daughter Shelby.

Thank you to the Rochester Yacht Club for putting on a wonderful event and the race committee for getting races off in trying conditions. Congratulations to all the competitors!



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